Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sisters of the 7th Udder

The Sisters of the 7th Udder share a special Understanding of the Inner Mechanics of the Universe.
Golden Revelation No. 1 occurred in the Year of 1997, in the Fortunate Boat Studios of St Helier's Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne and it concerned The Cow.
GR1 affirmed that if cows and more cows were allowed to roam throughout the City of Melbourne as they do in Indian cities, then the City of Melbourne would be a happier Place to Be. The People of Melbourne would be employed Most Usefully. Art would reign supreme.



Anonymous said...

I loved Ned Kelly, and Burqa woman ! and now I would dream of being a sister of the 7th Udder,and share a peaceful walk with victorian cows in Melbourne !

Mars Drum said...

Let's hope our dreams come true, Anonymous!