Monday, September 6, 2010

Four Burkas and Six Neds

Ned had a dream about Burka trekking through the desert with her sisters.
Burka had a dream about six Neds in the ocean.



Jen Jewel Brown said...

Mars, I love this work! It's cheeky and inspiring, intrigueing ... well done.

Mars Drum said...

Thank-you, Jen, I'm delighted to receive this feedback from you!
Mars x

Anonymous said...

I like what you are doing, which I discovered by surprise, wanting to know more about Ned Kelly for my fench friends and family...As you would know Burqawoman is no longer legal in France !Veronique

Jo said...

I heard you being interviewed on ABC this morning & had to look at your paintings, far out. I love your work

Mars Drum said...

Thank=you for your positive comments, Veronique and Jo. Yes, Veronique, I have been following the banning of the burqa in Europe to some extent from here in Australia. I know this issue has many arguments for and against... I do believe that many women choose to wear the burka out of personal choice... and having experimented with wearing it myself over a certain period of time, I believe it would not be easy to relinquish the garment. I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about it all in France. It's always good to be informed through communicating with the local people on topics such as this rather than relying just on the media.