Thursday, July 11, 2013

Burka Strikes Gold

Burka Strikes Gold
Burka Woman was walking out among the trees beside the dry creek bed in her new home town of Natimuk one day, when she happened upon a strange metal object lying on the ground before her. She picked it up and held it up to the light, where it gleamed burning gold-orange secrets of fugitive love and perpetual persecution, of phantasmic liberty and embezzled culture...
and then she heard a kookaburra kook-kook kook-kook kook-kook kah-kah-kah kaaaah high in the tree above her, then another kookaburra kooka kaah-kaaahed kooka-kaah kaahed back from the next tree....a third kooka joined the cackle from a tree further down...and then the cockatoos flew in to land above, screeching, chattering, arguing, telling jokes...
Burka Woman settled in with her new Mask of Gold, the Merry Bush Symphony had begun.