Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ned's Escape

How is it that Ned Kelly is around to help Burka Woman settle in to Australia? Wasn't he hanged in front of the Australian public nearly 130 years ago?
No! The police forgot to take off his protective headpiece before placing a bag over his head, so the noose didnt tighten around Ned's neck as intended. It merely tightened around the headpiece, which dented a little at the pressure. Luckily, Ned had a really strong neck, as he was able to stay dangling there until night-time. Once the coast seemed clear, he jerked his head around a bit, finally working himself free of the dented armour and jumped down to the ground. Apart from a few facial grazes, he was fine and in high spirits. He managed to steal a horse, and ride off to live his dream somewhere else!


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